At DLFM, we are passionate about local media. For decades, we have been involved in local radio, local newspapers and the local community. From founding pre-licencing regime radio stations, to launching award-winning local newspapers, to running the first websites sharing news from Donegal around the world, the DLFM group members have shown that commitment. We are business people, broadcast and digital media experts, community activists, and expatriates.

We know the huge impact that local media has in the lives of Donegal people, wherever they are in the world, and we have a compelling vision for how we will build and operate a well-resourced, professional media organisation to serve that global audience. DLFM is committed to a local first broadcasting service, producing high-quality, well-researched and well-produced speech-based programming supported by the music that means most to our audience.

DLFM is an innovative, engaging broadcast service with the community of Donegal North at heart.

Our application for the licence for the sound broadcasting service for Donegal North has been submitted to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland. Our application document, and that of another applicant for this licence, can be downloaded from the Broadcasting Authority website here.

On Monday, March 31st, 2014, we were proud to present further details of our proposals to the BAI at a public Oral Hearing in Letterkenny. You can read more details on that here.